IPv6 World Launch Day Celebration

To strengthen local capacity on IPv6 deployment, experiment, and operation by enabling internet stakeholders and organizations that serve them ISOC India Kolkata Chapter celebrated the IPv6 World Launch day on June 6th, 2012 in style. There were multiple events done during the same day. The world IPv6 launch day started with a meeting where Anupam Agrawal, Chair Internet Society Kolkata Chapter and Anand Raje, VP Membership and the government officials of WEBEL (nodal agency for IT in the state of West Bengal) participated. The discussions were around the readiness of the state agency on IPv6 and it was heartening to note that the state agency is an APNIC member and has been allotted with a block of IPv6 addresses and the discussions were centred around further capacity building. The next stop was a presentation on IPv6 to the professors of multi discipline at MCKV college of Engineering wherein Anupam and Anand presented on the IPv6. From there the team went on to celebrate the day with the other chapter members and other stakeholders at Saturday Club where a compendium titled “IPv6 – The Way Forward for India” was released. The compendium has essays on IPv6 submitted by the chapter members and comments on IPv6 adoption from various stakeholders of Internet ranging from local CIOs to Civil Society Members to academicians to entrepreneurs. The pdf version of the compendium is being uploaded on ISOC Kolkata Chapter website.

Picture 1
Meeting with the Government officials at WEBEL in Kolkata India on IPv6 readiness.
Picture 2, 3 & 4
Seminar on IPv6 awareness with the faculty members of MCKV College of Engineering

Picture 5 & 6
Celebration of World Ipv6 Launch day with chapter members and the release of Compendium IPv6 The way forward for India


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