3rd and 4th September, 2015: The main motive of taking up this training session can simply be defined as a step towards making the world we live in today an absolute network area where minute of the minute things are controlled and operated by our command. It can be command or just the sensors that needs to get activated for objects around us to operate. Internet Society Kolkata, a global internet community has come up with the innovative adventitious idea of training the upcoming future generation about the norms of IOT, vertical markets, the protocols of communication.

The workshop started by Mr. Anupam Agrawal, chair of ISOC by a small introduction on what exactly will be the event on. What are the things and contents that the workshop will deal with? Later on the whole seminar was conducted by the Vice-President Membership of ISOC Mr. Anand Raje. The participant then introduced themselves to every other. The venue was huge and spacious. The lights were perfect for the projector. The sound system was even perfect. Before the start of the seminar there was a tea break after the introduction so that people would be freshened up. The theoretical part was dealt at the beginning to make people get a clear view of the workshop. Then we had the lunch session which was enjoyed by all as it was of Indian Cuisine and in Kolkata its majority best. We were back on the workshop with some more relevant information about IoT AND Raspberry Pie. Internet Of Things is basically an process where not only individual but also living and non-living object are giving an unique and different identification code which can be accessed through wireless network. So the presence of too much human or machine are lessened. If we can bring about the presence of IOT in day to day business which would activate the sensors to connect to the node and finally the gateway were the unique IP Address is present links to the cloud opens the door to interchange and exchange data communication within. Smart system and Internet of Things are processed by Sensors and actuators that leads to connectivity and finally combined by bi-directional system that integrate people and process. Things get more interesting when the devices starts the compound application within their verticals.


The kit was then given to every group formed by the participants containing of 4-5 people who was instructed to connect it to the laptop.The whole of IoT is based on its technology and architectural structure. The ambience intelligence would be embedded, personalized, anticipatory, and context aware. Electronics would responds built in a sensitive environment. The communication flow that takes place between sensors are actuators are in a systematic and simplified manner. After collecting information from sensors it preprocess it and send it to the cloud. The cloud in turn receives user input, process with ambient info and triggers the actuators

LL.The Raspberry Pie was the greatest importance here. So to get more detailed information about Raspberry Pie a check on this link is very useful


On the second day of the workshop we had a different room which was quite cozy and comfortable as it was of little smaller size than the previous one so people could interact in a better way. There were new members who missed out on the first day due to some unavoidable reasons but was very eager to attend the workshop.  So we couldn’t say them no. For quick brush up of the new members Mr. Anand Raje started with highlighting the main points of yesterday’s workshop session. After a few queries sorted by Mr. Raje we had Mr. Anupam Agrawal with his views and suggestion about the workshop. He then introduced us to Mr. Abhijan Bhattacharya scientist at Tata Consultancy Services. He shared some of is his experience he had while visiting some other countries regarding internet of things. The way had responded to his idea and thoughts about internet.


The second day workshop was totally on practical terms. Participants had their Raspberyy Pie kits ready connected to their laptop and was ready to use. Then we had a break for lunch and the presence of Chinese cuisine delighted everyone. After the lunch, Mr. Anand had videos and photos that guided everyone to demonstrate it on their laptop. Eventually the workshop was coming to an end. Whatever doubts and questions fellow participants had brought up and Mr. Anand solved it out.



The participation of the members was brilliant. There were people from Mumbai who was extremely interested to know about the future of internet of things. They interacted and even had their views exchanged. Their active participation made this event a successful one. A big and huge thanks to our sponsors THE NiXi. Their constant support was brilliant and overwhelming. People were overwhelmed with such a unique workshop. There were suggestion from very experienced people that made the workshop interactive friendly. The student members had actively co-operated. Looking forward to more such seminar was the response of majority participants. People gathered a lot of knowledge about the IoT and Raspberry Pie after the workshop was the feedback we received. We all gathered for a group picture so as to capture such memories till it lasts. All wanted more of such workshop in future.


There were people from different organization across the city. We had people from NIXI as well ISOC India Delhi Chapter, along with it was members from ISOC India Mumbai Chapter. A huge number of members were from MCKV Institute was present. There were participants from NIT as well. We had suggestions from a very reputed fellow who belongs to Indian Army Mr. Amit Jaiswal. The presence of TCS employer who shared some of his knowledge and experience regarding the workshop was fruitful. We even had members representing CMC ltd, Dynafusion Tech Private Limited and A.T.M Technology. There was Rabt Technology Private Limited members present. Last but not the least, as mentioned earlier the whole workshop was delivered by the chair and VP Membership of ISOC Kolkata Chapter i.e., Mr. Anupam Agrawal and Mr. Anand Raje respectively.



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