11th September, 2015: Mallabhum Institute of Technology, Bishnupur was the location of IICB 2 conference. A conference on Indian IETF Capacity Building Programme, ‘IICB2 Mallabhum’ was organized by ISOC, Kolkata Chapter and hosted by the Dept. of CSE of Mallabhum Institute of Technology on 11th September, 2015 at the Mallabhum Institute of Technology Campus at Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal. One hundred delegates both from industry and academia participated in the said conference and many of the presented their research papers. Mr. Anupam Agarwal from ISOC, Kolkata Chapter, Mr. Anand Raje from IICB project, Mr. Abhijan Bhattacharya from TCS Innovation Lab., Mr. Manish Upadhyay from CTS, Mr. Subhendu Chakraborty from Central Detective Training School, Dr. Indrajit De from MCKV Institute of Engineering attended the conference and shared their thoughts on Internet protocol standardization contextualizing India. The inaugural ceremony started at 10 am and continued till 10.45am
The Chairman of MIT Mr. Er Digbasan Banerjee, gave a warm welcome speech to all the people present at the seminar. He introduced everyone connected with the seminar so that its easy for the students to co-ordinate. Then we had the Principal of MIT Dr A K Mukhopadhay with his words og organising this unique seminar at his venue.
After the inaugural ceremony Mr. Anand Raje was up with his views and idea regarding this Program. He spoke about the importance of internet standards and protocols. The most significant concept he made was to realize the engagement in Indian IETF Activities at an earlier stage will be helpful in cultivating internet engineers. The way he presented his thoughts was extremely commendable. He had clarity and sufficient knowledge in whatever he preached.
Then there was the tea break for few minutes to refresh the minds of people in the seminar. Resuming back with the seminar there were six paper presentation from the students which was evaluated by Indrajit De. There was some exceptionally good and praise worthy papers dealt with during the seminar. To mention few of them
  • R. K Deogharia, Dr. B.C. Roy Eng. College
            “Internet of Things (IoT): Evolution, Applications, Challenges and Future Directions”
  • Priyadarshini Das & Sania Quasmi, Students of 4th Year, ECE Dept., MIT
              “Case study of implementation of Internet Protocol: SMTP”
  • Ms. Ayani Nandi, Faculty, EE Dept., MIP
              “Networked Robot System Using Soft Computing Techniques”
  • Sancheti Mishra & Riya Chakraborty, Students of 4th Year, ECE Dept., MIT
             “MATLAB Solution Of Microwave Chebyshev LPF Designed For Physical Layer Of OSI Networking Model”
  • Mr. Ankan Bhattacharya, Faculty, ECE Dept., MIT
              “High End Physical Layer Devices – Microwave Transmitters Theory and Design”.
Mr Indrajit De was having a very interactive session with the students. He engaged with them and steered up brainstorm session. He helped in understanding the bits and pieces of the project and how students can get the most out of it. The students seemed to have gathered a huge amount of knowledge after this session.
The lunch was then a break for everyone to fill up the stomach and even fill up the brain with lot more views and opinions.With that we continued to the second part of the session were we had Mr Anupam Agrawal, Advisor of IICB sharing the relevance of IICB and how it all got started. There has been participation by Indians in IETF but not recognised to a large extent. He spoke about his dreams and expectations from civil society. His sole focus is to host IETF in India.
We also had Mr. Abhijan Bhattacharya, scientist at Tata Consultancy Service with his views on IETF experience while working for his internet drafts. The key challenges he had to come across and other requirements for this project. Some of his stories had a moral which helped us analyse the way other countries look at India in regards to IETF Capacity Program.
Mr. Manish Upadhyay of Cognizant had an important hand in this seminar. He emphasised on incorporation of these ideas and content in the curriculum forum industry and practical viewpoint. No matter how theory you adapt its very important to get things practically done. This gentlemen from Kolkata had excellent features and guidelines to give a shape to our IETF Capacity Building Program.
A most recognised member of Cyber Crime Inspector Mr. Sudhendu Chakraborty was even present in this seminar. He made the students and all other faculty members present aware of the ways some people of our society are misusing the internet. The precautions and measures that can be taken to erode these away from our society. The factor of corruption is always present but it is through perfect use of internet and its things we corruption can be washed away.
The seminar was coming to an end. With enormous amount of knowledge, facts, ideas, practical session the whole program was phenomenal. There was interaction between students and the IICB Members. A good mix between listening and panel discussion. The speakers were responsive to participants’ question. The urge to engage themselves in the IETF Capacity Building Program was very vibrant and positive. The involvement of not only MIT Bishnupur but along with it NSHM Knowledge Campus Durgapur was highly appreciated. Students were looking forward to attend more of such workshops and seminar.



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